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Musician monitors serve two main purposes. They protect the hearing of the musician and prevent hearing loss. They also allow the musician to hear a specific mix of sound during a live or recorded music session. Musician monitors are also used by audio engineers who need to isolate sounds for mixing purposes.

Our team of experts

Dr. Spinuzza is a highly trained Doctor of Audiology. She has a long track record of consulting with the hearing aid manufacturing industry to further optimize the compatibility of electronics with the human experience of hearing.

Musician monitors vs. earbuds

Musician monitors are really highly compact studio headphones that have been programmed to allow an engineer or musician to hear the sounds as the audience experiences it. These monitors have a much wider frequency sensitivity and superior drivers than can be found in standard earbuds. In fact, monitors may have as many as a dozen drivers that include balanced armatures and dynamic response circuits for ultimate, fast processing and clearer audio resolution. In contrast, earbuds are designed to pass through an existing recording in as clear a sound as is possible, based upon size and type.

Musician Monitors

Musician monitors and cost

Protecting and optimizing hearing is vital for a musician or anyone who works professionally with sound. Much of the most cutting-edge sound-listening technology had to undergo another level of advanced engineering to be miniaturized so it could be fitted into human ears. This comes with a cost, but the expense of musician monitors are nothing when compared to the benefits to a musician or sound professional.

Types of musician monitors

You can select from a wide range of monitor types depending upon your use and budget.

Audiophile grade monitors

For in-ear music playing. These are the simplest and least expensive. They are often wired because the user doesn’t have to move around on stage.

Professional grade monitors

These come as wired and wireless and depending on your needs include an entire system for sync’ing up sound.

Wireless performer monitors

These tend to be the most advanced and largest system monitors that include wireless monitors with little devices that clip onto the performer during live concerts.

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